Crazy 1 Min Home Cardio Workout – How Many Rounds Can You Do?


Posted on: March 25, 2017

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How I went from fat to six pack abs: What's up man, This is Mike with sixpackshortcuts and today I'm going to take you through our one min cardio workout. This workout will burn off every bit of fat on your body and get you killer ripped abs that you've wanted for so long. This could possibly be the hardest workout I've ever done. So see if you could beat my 10 round and by doing as many rounds as possible...and check out which one of my friends doesn't make it. Workout routine: *10 rounds, with 15 second between each round. *Complete one rep of each and repeat for one min to complete one round. Burpee Mountain climbers Jumping lunges For more tips on nutrition and fitness, make sure you check out more free sixpackshortcuts videos. And if you want to gain ripped muscle fast, watch this video now: In that video I show you why 95% of guys who wish they could gain muscle fail to EVER gain any size. It comes down to four huge mistakes that almost all guys in the gym are making...but which most guys don't even know about. I'll show you what the mistakes are, so you can avoid them. And I'll also show you the "weird" style of working out that I use instead of the popular muscle building methods called Afterburn Training. Is Afterburn Training the 1 proven shortcut to building muscle and getting ripped? Watch this video and decide for yourself! Train Hard, Mike P.S. -- Use this link to share the video with your friends on Facebook!

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